At our core we provide services just like any other design or marketing agency, but our focus is to help your company to grow. Looking to penetrate a new vertical such as healthcare or critical infrastructure? Or looking to gain more market share in a particular niche such as restaurants or a fast food chain? Security Dealer Marketing understands your challenges and marketing needs, after all we do help your colleagues nationwide! So chances are we’ve already helped other dealers to get you to your goals. Below is a thorough list of our services,  individually they do not solve the entire challenge, but together in a plan can achieve endless heights!





Make sure your website is found when people search!

The number one over looked marketing tactic!

Looking to penetrate a new vertical? Go beyond postcards!

Fully equipped with manufacturer pictures & videos!

You spent countless hours developing that perfect website, now make sure it's generating targeted traffic within your service area! We can help penetrate new cities, get you found for local searches and best of all generate inbound leads creating more RMR!

You've been collecting your current customers email addresses right? So why not generate monthly upsells from your existing customers and create offers to those who haven’t quite yet pulled the trigger. Email marketing is cost affordable and provides instant results!

How about putting something memorable right in front of the decision maker within the vertical you are trying to penetrate, don't you think that would be more impactful than just mailing out some type of direct mail piece? Believe in the purple cow!

With years of experience we not only know how to design the perfect website that will generate more RMR, but because we've developed relationships with most industry manufacturers we have full access to videos & images to generate leads!





Showcase an entire scenario such as virtual guard services

Think outside the octagon! Design something different

Residential, commerical or to penetrate a new vertical

Need something to leave behind after a meeting?

Having a hard time describing that scenario to a potential customer over the phone? Why not create a detailed infographic that will illustrate it. With being able to be emailed, downloaded or printed it can aid during a pitch or as a leave behind.

Want a logo that in a shape of an octagon? Better look elsewhere! But, if you'd like a brand identity that is unique and separates you from the competition we're all about it! We'll design your logo, cards, stationary and logo standards guide.

We specialize in not only great design but in quality messaging that gets attention and generates results! Rather than talk about your customer service we like to make the potential customer question their security strategy to make them think!

A great tool we have found for your sales team! Whether it’s a digital PDF version or actually printed, these are great resources to help your sales team to pitch or act as a leave behind. Not only can we design them, we can actually print them at affordable rates!





Targeted, cost affordable lists to penetrate new markets!

Because who wants to read?
 Be entertianed to buy!

Print, billboards, conventions, we can design anything!

For those that really want to grow their security business!

We work with many lead sources that are credible and cost affordable. Looking to penetrate a new vertical, want to target a chain of restaurants, we not only help you find that hard to get list but also create the creative to actively go after it!

Sometimes describing a certain service or scenario takes too damn long! We have found that by creating an animated video it captures the attention of web user, makes your pages stickier and better yet helps the user to understand your USP.

Do you purchase ad space in magazines, digital ads or billboards? We can help develop the messaging and creative. We'll make sure your brand is carried through, along with tracking capabilities to ensure you're getting a return on investment!

Because we don't like to be under utilized and like to unleash the hounds now and then talk to us about your goals and challenges. By doing so we can put together a strategic marketing plan catered to your goals, getting you there closer and faster!


It's not about an award winning website or a slick brochure, it's about results! Solving your marketing challenges!


We may be an award-winning agency but that comes second to helping your company to achieve it’s goals!

With much to learn in this great industry we have been well excepted and have helped over 65 dealers/integrators/manufacturers nation wide, have won multiple awards on our design & marketing and really have come to love this industry. Below are examples of security companies we have created successful campaigns for, to see an entire portfolio of our clients give us a call, we wouldn’t want our competitors to steal all of our ideas!


We've been trusted to be partners with the industry's biggest names!


Do we pretend to know everything? NO! But, we do have experience!

A wise man once said “If you throw enough shit on the wall, some of it is bound to stick!” what does this have to do with your marketing you might ask? We believe in the power of being “different”, we are purple cow theorist!


Every day we are programmed to tune marketing off. We are programmed to automatically throw away “junk mail”, turn the TV station when a commercial is on, click any X button when we see an ad on the internet, but yet most security businesses will be adman on marketing their company in this way, does some of it work? Yes, but a very low percentage. So, if your security company’s goal is to promote just like your competitor with a message that is no different, congratulations on your success! But, if standing out from your competition with great design & messaging separating you from the competition, we’re your guys!


Can we build a damn good website, door hanger, direct mail piece, newsletter campaign, material for canvassing (door knocking), presentations, sales sheets or info graphics, sure! But, don’t under utilize our potential, interview us and we’ll interview you to see if you and your company is a right fit for us to be your “Agency Of Record”.


We seek opportunities to truly grow with your company! Not like any other local agency that doesn’t have a clue on the industry nor your demographic, we just don’t put our hand out and say “gimme!” We like to put some skin in the game, what does that mean? Well you’re just going to have to give us a call to interview us…



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