Don’t just Band-Aid your marketing efforts!

Let us help you reach your ultimate goals not just the immediate ones.

It’s been over 3 years since we decided to dedicate our marketing agency to this great industry and not a day goes by where we don’t learn new marketing challenges and solutions for security companies like yours.

Your goal may be to break into a new vertical such as critical infrastructure, healthcare or education. On the other hand it may be to control more market share, expand your service area or to grow into multiple locations. Many security companies nationwide share these same challenges and goals. And we are helping or have helped over 65 companies get closer to achieving them.

But the big question is how do we get there?
When speaking with a potential client I usually get asked how much is a website? What does it cost for a direct mail piece? To design an ad? When the actual question you should be asking is How can Security Dealer Marketing help me reach my goals or solve my long term challenges?

Putting some careful thought behind your biggest challenges and goals on where you’d like to be in 6 months and a year will allow us to put together a strategic marketing plan with the right messaging and implementation across the appropriate channels. On the other hand if you only hire us for a small piece of the overall goal it only puts a Band-Aid on the entire objective you are trying to achieve.

A good example of this is the many phone calls I get from security companies that have purchased ad space and want us to create their ad. Now don’t get me wrong we will make the most out of that ad with its messaging and design, but had we known prior to the ad purchase we may have suggested an alternative method to reach the same audience in a more cost effective way. Additionally, ad space in trade magazines is expensive, but what if we were to tell you from past experience that by placing ads within Facebook to a very targeted audience is not only less expensive on a cost per impression but can get you a better return on investment. You are able to place your ad right in front of an ideal prospect and create a captive audience ready to be sold on your services!

If penetrating a new city is your goal we have created numerous geo-landing pages that rank on page 1 for Google searches that will generate you in-bound leads to those targeted locations creating brand equity and more RMR before you even open your office! We have even seen great results from security companies that primarily generate most of their sales by the door-to-door model. By implementing a strategic plan and mailing to the areas the week before you canvas them results can increase by up to and additional 12%. These are small examples of proven marketing strategies we have executed and have many more!

So rather than calling us up to say “I need for you to design me and ad” tell us your goals, your challenges and what your security company’s vision is for the next year. Then allow us to put together a carefully thought out marketing campaign based off our experience and one that fits your budget.

Remember, it doesn’t cost you a penny to pickup the phone to tell me your company’s challenges and goals. However, it can cost you a fortune in time and money if you take a gamble on what you think is the best way to penetrate a new vertical or gain new residential accounts.

We are the only full-service marketing agency that has dedicated itself to the security industry, with over 65 clients nationwide that range from large integrators to residential security dealers we have the experience and track record to help your company succeed. We have been trusted by some of the industry’s largest names and have been trusted to be the marketing agency of choice by great partner programs such as PSA Security Network and Monitronics.

We encourage you to take the time to think of your company’s goals or challenges, then take the time challenge us to come up with the perfect marketing plan to get you on the fast track towards reaching them.