The 80′s Called! And They Want Their Logo Back!

A logo is probably the first impression you can have with a potential customer! We at Security Dealer Marketing feel that your company’s logo is truly the foundation of your company’s brand.

Think about it, when is the last time you’ve seen an ad that looked cheesy? Or you could tell that a professional was not used to create it? Probably just the other day, right? The same goes for your company’s brand when a potential customer is trying to decide who to run with! Brand we know is more than just a logo, but it begins there.

I get asked all the time when we’re about to start a new design for a website or when we’re designing some direct mail campaign “What do you think about our logo?” If you have to ask someone what they think about your company’s logo, chances are it’s not representing your company’s brand to the” T”, or worse yet you’re embarrassed of it.

Our co-founder Alex Chavez comes from a very heavily branding background and working with companies like Hard Rock Hotel & Ed Hardy is a stickler for great design and great brand! (And will more than likely tell you the REAL truth about your logo, whether you like the feedback or not and probably go into his mantra on the purple cow theory, which basically is all about making your brand stick out from your competitors. )

For this week we’d like to extend a welcome to all security dealers to ask away on our opinions and questions regarding your company’s logo, after all it’s the first thing potential customers see on a business card, a fax, your website, or an ad. And if it isn’t credible, professional, legible and standing out from your competition it might be time for an upgrade.

Below are some samples of new and redesigns of logos we have done in the past.

Security Dealer Marketing
Security Dealer Marketing – Logos

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