What is the Purple Cow?

Chances are that if you’re visiting this blog of ours you probably read one of our articles in SDM magazine, Marketing Mad Men. Our marketing agency is based upon the belief of the Purple Cow.

Security Dealer Marketing
Security Dealer Marketing – Purple Cow
For those of you that don’t know about the Purple Cow it’s a book written by Seth Godin where he describes driving down a highway and seeing a bunch of cows off in the hills, at first you get excited and notice them but after minutes they become mundane and you forget about them. The same can be said about your marketing. If your marketing efforts are no different from your competitors and you are leading with the fact that you have superior customer service, have been in business is X many years or that your technology is advanced chances are you’re just like those cows off in the distant, mundane.

Now imagine that you are driving down the road and have tuned out all of those cows in the distant and all of a sudden you notice that one of the cows is purple, huh? Whah? That’s right purple! You will forever remember that particular drive you took when you saw a purple cow in the middle of the herd standing out. Now! Apply this rule to your marketing efforts, imagine how unique, different and how much you’d be noticed over your security competitors, now that my friend is what Security Dealer Marketing is all about.

Be different, be unique, think outside the octagon, believe in the purple cow… moo!

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